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by Burgess Powell
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I currently manage 5 properites for Casco Bay Molding, a manufacturing and product development company based in Sanford, ME. In 2020, I increased organic web traffic by over 12,000% across the five websites.

Please see this my organic traffic overview for more information.

Prior to joining Casco Bay Molding, I was Chief Content Officer for Growth Nuts, an SEO consultant group in New York. As CCO, I oversaw and implemented both technical fixes and content creation for between 8-12 websites at a time. These ranged from established e-commerce brands to media companies to startups.

Casco Cup

Casco Cupis a B2C menstrual cup brand that offers FDA-registered, medical-grade silicone menstrual cups in three sizes, along with a menstrual cup case called the Aqua Case. The Casco Cup is also available for private labeling for our B2B customers.


Hydroponique is a tobacco-use only silicone water pipe featuring a dishwasher-safe design, suction base, ice catcher, and perfect angle for taking a refreshingm, potent hit.


SiliconeGear offers a variety of our silicone products, including scuba gear, ExerTies (silicone sleeve straps for athletes), and our face shield. The Casco Shield launched in May 2020 in response to the COVID-19 pandemic and demand for American-made products.


EverCup is another B2C menstrual cup brand run by Casco Bay Molding. EverCup has a buy 1-give 1 model: For every menstrual cup sold, we donate one to a woman in need. EverCup offers the Cleaning Case, a unique, medical-grade silicone menstrual cup case designed with funds from a Harvard University grant.

Casco Bay Molding

Our main B2B custom molding lead website, Casco Bay Molding offers ISO:13485 certified product development, tooling, manufacturing and fulfillment – all in our Sanford, Maine facility. Casco Bay Molding is a leader in American medical device component manufacturing, specializing in FDA-registered menstrual cup production.

Other Websites I Own and Operate

Other Content Examples

In addition to writing viritually all of the content on the above-mentioned website, I have published content on High Times Magazine, Blocklr, CNET, CBS, TechRepublic, Green Rush Daily, Medium, and MTL Blog.

Burgess Powell